How to Get Free Stock Images from Internet?

How to Get Free Stock Images from Internet?

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How to Get Free Stock Images from Internet?

If you are a graphic designer or any kind of creator on internet, you need several images for your content, like for example you need images for your blogs, websites, publishing, marketing, advertisement, or some other graphic designing project. So, for this purpose you must have a stock of images related to your content. There are various online resources from you can get such images or photos. These are called “Stock Images
Stock Images are professional images usually created by photographers and then they’re sold for like a one-time cost and then you can use them for personal or commercial purposes. They’re usually called royalty free which means you don’t have to pay again and again every time you use them, but royalty free does not mean totally free. The license of royalty-free does not mean that they free to use for commercial purposes. You have to purchase them if you want to use these Stock Images for your commercial content. This purchase might sometimes cost you a little extra money.


Using Stock Images for your projects doesn’t have to be expensive. But thanks to the many great websites that give you access to millions of stock images for free. In this article we will be discussing top websites with free high-quality stock images for use on websites blogs YouTube videos or any other type of project that you’re working on the photos on these sites are free from any copyright restrictions which means you can copy modify and use these images without asking for permission.



Unsplash is a popular Stock Image website with handy searching tools and high -quality images. It has a systematically well-organized collection of photos taken and donated by various skilled photographers. Unsplash has the fastest search tool. At this site you also have an option of ‘Collection’, which provides groups of photos categorized into different themes such as Light and Shadow, Street Life etc. These photos are sorted out by other users, and they can help you in finding a photo in lesser time. You can also create your own collection after signing-up on this site. Unsplash also has a mobile app which is also compatible to be used on iOS or iPad.

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To download an image from Unsplash, you simply hover over the image, and click on the given ‘download’ button. You can also select the size of the photo by clicking on the ‘full view’ and then click the down arrow and find the different sizes like small, medium or original size dimensions of the photo. And, if you want a larger size of the photo, you can directly ask the photographer by clicking on the ‘message’ on their profile.


Pexels is a free public domain for stock images which has a large collection of images from around the world. Pexels have arranged photos according to the themes. It offers the designers UI mockups. Pexels welcomes anyone to upload photos, and then the curators of the site will pick out the best shots and add to the searchable collection. With Pexels, you can search something specifically or you can just browse photos from different categories like pastimes, emotions or locations etc. Here at Pexels you don’t need to signup to download the photos. Just select the photo, click on it and then click on the ‘Free Download’ button and the picture is instantly downloaded to your computer in its actual size.
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Pixabay is said to be the largest collection of stock photos with over a million of public domain images. It doesn’t only have photos, but also contains illustrations, vector graphics and even a vast range of videos. It has marvellous collection of landscape images. If you don’t have something specific in mind, or you just can’t find what you are looking for, just go the ‘Editor’s Choice’ section, and have a look, you might definitely find like something in there. Though the image quality is not as good as of Unsplash, but Pixabay do have the vast collection and here you can find what you might not be able to find at other stock image sites. To download the images, just select the desired one, place your cursor over the picture and click the left button, and click on the green ‘download’ button.


This is one fun and surreal website to use. It is like a breath of fresh air. It has large number of quirky photos with consistently high picture quality. Although it doesn’t have as huge collection as other websites, but it has the beautiful collection of a talented professional photographer and graphic designer Ryan McGuire. He keeps on adding new and unusual pictures every week. To download the photos, just place the place the mouse over the selected photo, and at the right bottom of the image, you see a pink ‘download’ sign. Just click on it and you will get the image downloaded to your pc.
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PikWizard has a broad range of stock photos on various different subjects. But one prominent thing about PikWizard is that it has a largest number of photos of people in natural cheesy poses which are obviously not awkward. It also contains a good collection of urban photography and cityscapes. One thing to be notes is that it provides an online photo editing option, which means that you don’t need to leave your browser while creating something. The photos on PikWizard are offers two types of licenses: free and CCO. A CCO license means that the creator of the photo has waived the copyright while giving the permission to other users to use their photo without payment. Crediting the photographer for its work is not necessary, but will be appreciated if done so. Just like other sites, just hover the mouse over the picture, and you will get the download option. Click on it and you are all set to go.


There is a long list of such websites which gives you the freedom to search, download and use thousands of pictures from their collections. Some other names are:

  • Kaboompics
  • Burst (by Shopify)
  • Canva
  • io
  • Free Images, and the list go on. But here I will stick to these top 5 best websites from where you can download free Stock Images and use them for your commercial and personal projects.

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