How to Disable DRPARSER Mode? [Updated 2023]

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What is DRParser?

DRParser mode is a hidden app on your Samsung smartphone that takes in special codes using which you can test hardware features, enable or disable them and even see important system information.

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The DRParser Mode?

It is a Samsung-provided application that is secretly concealed inside the device. Very few people are aware of this programme since it may not even appear in their system’s list of applications, and opening it is a whole other process. Before we get into the app’s origins, let’s briefly recap it.

What does DRParser Mode do?

DRParser functions as an intermediary between the user and the system. This application assists you in several ways. Simply inputting the code may bypass your Google Account’s Sysdump, Service mode, or Factory Reset Protection (FRP). You may do a great deal more while using this software. The Sysdump provides a snapshot of the currently installed ROM, allowing you to restore your phone if anything goes awry. Before installing Android operating system updates or introducing custom ROM images, you must first upgrade the framework ROM.

How to Factory Reset Protection(FRP) bypass your Google account?

  • As a matter of first importance, boot up your Samsung telephone and interface it to a Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Then, accept all conditions and stay for the merchandise update.
  • Visit the Home Screen and choose the Emergency Calling option.
  • Call 911/ 100 and rapidly activate Bluetooth choice at the decision interface.
  • Interface your device with the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker.
  • When done, hold down the decision button (just in upheld Bluetooth headsets) to open Google Now.
  • Presently, say anything,
  • Enter Calculator to open the appliance and afterward type in: (+30012012732+
  • Your device will currently attend DRParser Mode.
  • Keep entering: *#0808#
  • Click on the DM/ACM/ADB option and reboot your device.
  • This will help you out successfully.

How to Factory Reset Protection (FRP) bypass your Google account ?

  • Visit the Home Screen on your device.
  • Following which you need to download the file and extract the contents.
  • Then, attach your device to the PC with the help of USB link and permit USB Debugging on your gadget
  • Finally, run the FRP_techzai.bat and wait for the completion of this step.

DRParser mode not working — How to Disable DRParser Mode

There are often many reasons why the DRParser mode isn’t functioning; anytime you enter text into the calculator for DRParser mode, the screen appears and then disappears. Typically, this is how you discover that anything is amiss with your DRParser mode calculator. Users need to comprehend or recognize the solution to the current issue. This is because there are several causes for this mistake, beginning with appliance corruption. Or because you may have deactivated this application’s functionality. Therefore, you must consider many factors to make this application operational again.

Is DRParser mode Safe? — How to Disable DRParser Mode

Yes, DRParser Mode is Risk-Free. It is not bloatware, a virus, malware, spyware, or any other dangerous worm. It is secure. Furthermore, it is only a Service Mode application for various Samsung devices.

The Service Mode programme includes many settings, such as run dump state, enable calm logging from the boot, and three dimmed or greyed-out options, including low player dump, TCP dump start, and IMS logger. The analyst identifies tcpdump as an order line parcel analyzer to capture network data. However, clicking the button requires an OTP, which the scientist avoided by switching to Service Mode and generating an OTP. The scientist then got the OTP from the origin and began running tcpdump to capture all the business activity on the local stockpile.

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