How to Create Metaverse Account?

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 “a virtual reality pace in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment and other users.” Broadly speaking, the metaverse can be defined as a virtual world where we can live, work, travel and play. Metaverse is an augmented reality platform that allow users to create interactive experiences that merge the digital world with physical world. the metaverse is difficult to define. It’s usually described as online spaces where people socialize work and play as avatars, digital representations of their identities unlike a zoom chat the spaces don’t disappear when you’re done, they’re there for someone else to use though it’s often name checked.

Right now, in 2022 the metaverse is a story we are telling about what the future of technical infrastructures might look like when you combine virtual reality, augmented reality, high-speed internet connections and some kind of notion of a virtual space you might occupy with other people. So, an easy answer to the metaverse is the next version of the future of computing.

Let’s say that if we think of internet as something that we look at, the Metaverse is a version of the internet that we are inside. The idea is that we will experience the metaverse as an avatar, a virtual version of ourselves that we control as we explore this new online frontier. While the Metaverse is still mostly a science fiction at this stage, there are some early versions of it out there that give us a taste of what might be possible. The Metaverse we think is something that has already been with us. Its essence is present in the digital world with things like smartphones, the web, the gaming. We have always been in the Metaverse. It is not something that is going to turn on in a single day.

Metaverse is an idea that’s been tossed around for decades and tried before in one or the other ways. So, whether you were someone engaging in gaming experiences, whether those were multiplayer games or those were deeply immersive games, or if you were engaging in other kinds of online communities there’s an argument to say that the metaverse is already here just wasn’t called that. Roblox and Minecraft have been building virtual worlds for years. Secondly, Fortnight, Minecraft and other games all incorporate aspects of virtual, augmented or mixed reality to create an immersive gaming experience for users.



Many people in the tech industry claim that the Metaverse is the next phase of the internet. Companies like Facebook are hailing it as it is some sort of Utopia that will make the time, we spend on internet more interactive and fun. No company has been more active and vocal about the metaverse than Facebook, which changed its name to Meta at the end of 2021.

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In October 2021, Facebook Inc. announced a rebrand that took most of us by surprise and renamed themselves to Meta. But the question here rises that why did they renamed Facebook and why did they describe Meta as the future of internet.  The founder of Facebook answered these questions in an interview:

“It is time for us to adopt a new company brand to encompass everything that we do to reflect who we are and what we hope to build. I am proud to announce that starting today, our company is now Meta. Our mission remains the same, still about bringing people together. Our apps and their brands they are not changing either, and we are still the company that designs technology around people.”

Now let’s have a look at where Facebook is today and what led to such a major change in strategy. Since starting out in Harvard, the company has become so much more than just a place to like and comment on your friends’ posts. The firm acquired fellow social platform Instagram in 2012, as well as messaging giant WhatsApp two later. But perhaps the most relevant to this post was the $2billion acquisition of Virtual Reality service, Oculus. Horizon Worlds is the name for the company’s current prototype of online gaming, and will phase out the Oculus brand over the next few years. Other gaming platforms like Roblox and Minecraft have already been described as the early forms of the Metaverse. In this way, millions of people are able to hang out in a computer-generated environment.

The company claims that creators and developers will make $500million this year alone, while successful partnerships with the big names like Vans and Gucci will pave the way for a future economy that takes place entirely online. One report estimates that the Metaverse economy could be worth between $8 and $13trillion by 2030, but getting there is going to require significant investment.


Despite the fact that the idea of Metaverse looks dreamy, the reaction to Zuckerberg’s announcement was far from unanimous. Facebook already has a shoddy reputation for privacy, and there are concerns that the new technology not only makes the company more powerful but also adds to the near-endless amount of stored data about their users.

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Creating an account on Metaverse not so hard. First of all, you need to go to google and search for “Decentraland”. Click on the first result and it will take us to the Decentraland website. It’s the first ever virtual world owned by its users. So, right away click on get started button it should be directed to the home page and actually you can place in your wallet and play as a guest. One thing interesting about this is you can make your own personalized avatar. Once you have completely designed your avatar and named, then you are required to enter your email address, then click the Next button and agree to the terms and conditions. So here we are. We have successfully created our Metaverse account.


Well, the strategists working on bringing Metaverse to life are looking at how to make these things better for humanity, and how to make things safer as well. Alongside the hype, there have been a whole list of concerns ranging from child safety, to scam and to privacy breach. Additionally, there are concerns that the cost of the equipment to join Metaverse will be prohibitively expensive, only widening the gap of opportunities between social classes.

Ultimately, many think that the Metaverse is just step in the wrong direction. At a time when millions are struggling with feelings of anxiety and loneliness, maybe greater focus should be placed on physical interactions over virtual ones.




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