How to Check Open Ports on Remote Linux Server

How to Check Open Ports on Remote Linux Server?

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How to Check Open Ports on Remote Linux Server?

There are various interesting ways to check for an open port; knowledge about the open ports provides assistance to the administrator for connecting to the remote PC, which includes cloud server issues as well. Before getting into the detailed description and guidelines on the main topic, I would like to provide the basic concepts about the ports on a Linux Server.

TCP Port:

The word TCP stands for “Transmission Control Protocol,” in this technique; the computers are connected directly till the transfer of data occurs.

UDP Port:

The word UDP stands for “User Datagram Protocol,” in this technique, the transformation of data takes place through small packages.

Now you know the basic concept behind the Port system, following are the best and easiest ways for checking if the port is open on the Linux PC or not:

Netcat command: 

Netcat is considered to be one of the simplest Unix utility, which can easily be adopted for writing and reading the data through main protocols UDP and TCP. The syntax for this command is:

$ nc [-options] host-ip-address port-number

Nmap command: 

nmap command is basically famous for network security, exploration command, and as well as for auditing.  Nmap stands for the Network Mapper. Additional amenities are to check whether the ports are open or not. The syntax for this command is:

$ nmap [-options] [IP or Hostname] [-p] [PortNumber]

Telnet command: 

This command is considered to be an old collaborative communication command. Initially was created for computer interaction, which also supports the functionality of checking whether the port is open or not. The syntax for this command is:

$ telnet [IP or Hostname] [PortNumber]

netstat-tuplen command: 

This command is used as the network utility TCP/IP command.

$ netstat -tuplen


In this article, I have briefly explained Ports in Linux Server. I have also stated the main commands to check for ports information on Linux Server. I hope you enjoyed the article, checkout more articles on TechoReview.

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