How can you Protect Phone from Theft [Updated 2023]

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In today’s technologically advanced society, cellphones have become an indispensable and preeminent need and to protect phone from theft. The absence of one causes stagnation and total chaos. Fortunately, the technical advances that have been made to date have proved effective in combating these circumstances by locating them. Today, tracking programmes have made it simpler and quicker to recover a misplaced phone. They are supposed to locate the precise position of a misplaced phone and restore its data. We will concentrate on three apps that have grown popular and effective. Numerous individuals have profited from the ability to locate and retrieve lost or stolen phones. There are several methods to locate a misplaced iPhone or Android device since your iOS or Android-powered smartphone or tablet already has the necessary software. You may also install a selection of third-party applications to monitor your smartphone.

Finding lost smartphones

If you lose your iOS or Android smartphone, both Apple and Google have phone recovery technologies as part of the native software package that works via your device account — Google for Android and iCloud for iOS. Both enable you to remotely lock and erase your device, make it ring, and set up alarm messages for anyone discovers it. As long as your phone’s battery lasts, these functionalities operate well. Communicate with care with anybody who may have discovered your phone. Avoid disclosing sensitive information such as your home address unless you know you can trust the other party. Use only phone numbers or email addresses to indicate how a lost phone may be returned. Here is a tutorial for each operating system on how to locate a misplaced phone or similar device and to protect phone from theft. The code below utilises Android 13


How to find a lost Android Mobile and Protect Phone from Theft

The simplest approach to find a misplaced Android device is to utilise the Find My Device function, which is incorporated into your Android smartphone via Google Play Services and may also be accessed through a web browser or downloaded from the Google Play Store. This functionality is supported by the majority of smartphones running Android 2.3 and later. Always activate the Find My Device feature on your Android device. Simply doing a Google search for “Where is my phone?” can initiate a search for your device. Find My Device’s ability to contact you, establish a new password, and have your phone ring remotely, along with a range of other notification features, have been covered. While Find My Device may be configured in advance, the service should be accessible if you lose or misplace your phone by utilising Wi-Fi or GPS to locate it.

How to find a lost Samsung phone

Another option for some Samsung smartphones is the Find My Mobile service. You can use it to locate, lock, or wipe a missing phone. You need a Samsung account and the Remote controls options enabled on your phone. To check and see if Find My Mobile is available for your smartphone, do the following.

Step 1: Go to Settings > Biometrics & security.

Step 2: Tap Find my mobile and toggle it on. Enter your Samsung account info or create an account.

Step 3: You can then opt in to features like Remote unlockSend last location, and Offline finding.

How to find a lost iPhone

Apple has a proprietary app called Find My iPhone that is dedicated to helping you find a misplaced or lost iPhone. The app comes installed on every iOS device and can display your missing device on a map to help you easily locate and manage it. You must use another iOS phone, tablet, or computer with the Find My iPhone app installed.

Step 1: Select Settings > Your Apple ID (name).

protect phone from theft

Step 2: Select Find My > Find My iPhone. Make sure that the toggle for Find My iPhone is always left On (green).

protect phone from theft

Step 3: Toggle on the Find my network and Send last location switches. Those help you pinpoint where you last left your phone in case internet services are currently off.

Step 4: Launch the Find My app, then select Devices from the bottom tab.

Step 5: Select your iPhone or iPad that you want to view the location for.

Step 6: You can also play a sound to locate your device, get directions to locate your device, set up notifications when the device is left behind, mark a device as lost, or remotely wipe the device.

protect phone from theft

1.Track a Lost Phone with Spyic

Sypic application is the top phone tracking solution in the world, used by millions of individuals in over 190 countries. Not only is it very effective, but it is also absurdly inexpensive, simple to install, and user-friendly and used to protect phone from theft. It operates remotely, facilitating phone recovery. It involves the installation of a small programme for Android users, but no rooting is required beforehand. Therefore, you must configure it while you still have your phone. The iPhone makes things more comfortable. You can track a device using its iCloud ID. Therefore, if you have your Apple credentials and your iPhone is lost or stolen, you may locate it. Spyic need no jailbreaking here as well. Everything is done online on the iOS version. The tracking technique explains why neither rooting nor jailbreaking are required. Spyic’s cutting-edge technology allow it to get information without such developer tactics.

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How to Track a Phone Using Sypic

The Sypic programme functions in total stealth mode, allowing it to continue tracking without notifying anybody who is in possession of it. After acquiring it for both Android and iOS, the remainder of the content will be accessible via your online account. Spyic provides an intuitive interface with several helpful functions. Additionally, it is compatible with all browsers, so you may use any device to locate the lost item. In tracking, the Location specification is used to locate the phone. You also have access to the Geofence feature, which enables you to limit movement. After configuring it with the restricted zones, you may get a notification through email. Data security is the only absolute need in the modern day. Spyic ensures this by not keeping the mobile device’s location data or any other information in the cloud. It just needs this information to sync your data and make it accessible online when you sign in to your account. Spyic is compatible with any Android devices running OS 4.0 or later. It is compatible with all iOS 7.0 and later devices for iPhones. Consequently, you may monitor a variety of phones with a single software.


Steps to Start Tracking a Lost/Stolen Phone Using Spyic

To track the phone, click on the Location option to see the map with the location icon. It will show you where the phone is located.

protect phone from theft

2. Track Lost/Stolen and protect phone from theft with Cocospy Application

Cocospy is another dependable and effective tracking application. It features a terrific UI that makes it very user-friendly and navigable. This tracking application does not need jailbreaking (for iPhone users) or rooting in advance (Android users). To trace a lost or stolen iOS device, you must have access to the owner’s iCloud credentials. For Android users, Cocospy must be installed on the device before it can be tracked online. The tracking functions include Location, which utilises GPS or Wi-Fi to locate a mobile device. You also have access to the Geofence feature if you need to get warnings when your phone enters particular locations. Click to find ping location.

3. Track and protect phone from theft with Spyier Tracker

This is another another effective tracking programme that is compatible with both iOS and Android to protect phone from theft. The Spyier tracker determines the precise position of a missing phone by using its GPS or Wi-Fi data. Spyier, like the two preceding programmes, requires the iCloud ID of the misplaced iPhone in order to locate it. Also, jailbreaking is not necessary. Before remotely tracking an Android device, Spyier must be installed on the device itself. Spyier provides a stunning dashboard on your web account that displays the other phone’s location and data. Additionally, it has the Geofence standard. It is viewable on any device since it is compatible with all browsers.

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