health information technology definition

Health Information Technology Definition

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In this post, we present the definition of health information technology. Health information technology in simple words is “the establishment of healthcare delivery infrastructure by utilizing the information and communication technologies and services”. This compact definition of health information technology can be expanded further to explore its full potential because the term “healthcare delivery infrastructure” itself embodies several important capabilities. For example, the exchange of electronic health information among multiple healthcare providers and clinicians, seeking the appointments from the physicians and referrals to the specialists, diagnosis with the help of knowledge based medical decision support systems and medical history, suggesting treatments, laboratory reports and their exchange with multiple stakeholders, prescription refills through pharmacies, communication with health insurance companies, and processing and storage of all such information requires utilizing the information technology infrastructure to offer efficient, robust, secure, and scalable services.

In other words, the health information technology ensures the delivery of quality healthcare services through the information technology. It not only increases the efficiency of several medical processes but also enhances the correctness of medical procedures. 

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