Google Sending Verification Code to Old Number

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Are you sending a verification code from Google to an outdated number? If you’re saying, “Google is sending a verification code to my old number,” and you’re unsure how to fix it, don’t worry; I have a fix for you. But first, let’s talk about the two-step verification procedure. Why is it necessary? Why do we receive Verification Codes, then?. And also read Techoreview and TECH NEWS.

Two-Step Verification

Google has implemented the Two-Step Verification security layer as an additional security safeguard in these times of uncertainty, persistent hacking, data leakage, cyber thefts, and other cybersecurity challenges. You can activate this technique, which adds a layer of protection on top of Google’s existing ones. You must enter the verification codes you receive on your registered phone number each time you connect to your account.

Signing in into Google Account without any Verification Code

  • Remember that every choice below is predicated on your having access to a smartphone connected to a Google account.
  • Locate a device that is already logged in.
  • Try to locate a device you are already logged into if you need help connecting to your Google account after missing your phone. Open Google Account Settings after that Visit security.
  • Click the Disable option after choosing 2-Step Verification.
  • Now, type your Google account password and hit Enter to verify it.
  • This is it! Now that two-step verifications have been removed from your account, you can log in to Google with any device.

Use a trusted device

  • The option to Stop asking on this computer will be available when logging into your Google Account.
  • It is already turned on.
  • Do you have a phone or tablet you have previously logged into with this Google ID?
  • If that’s the case, you might be able to sign in again without a Google verification code.
  • Google will remember the device and your history.
  • By looking in your Google Account Settings, you can locate your trusted devices. Afterward, select Security > 2-Step verification > Devices you trust.

Use a trusted Wi-fi Network

  • Because Google regards your home or office Wi-Fi network as a reliable location, you can validate your sign-in by connecting your device to one of these networks.

Although there is no assurance that this approach will succeed, Google does suggest it.

Therefore, it is worthwhile to reconnect to any networks you have previously used.

Without a LinkedIn account, view a profile. Here is the complete manual.

Use a Temporary Number

You can call a friend and ask for assistance. Alternatively, you can use another number if you have access to one. You can utilize services like Burner, Hushed, or even SafeText to acquire verification codes and login into your device if you don’t have a phone number. Keep in mind that many services have a small fee for use.

Be Patient and Wait

All preachers emphasize the need to remain patient when everything seems to be working against you. Similarly, if nothing works out and you recently changed your number to a new one, give it a little while—no more than 48 hours—to pass. Following that, you can use the new number to get verification codes.

Ask Google for Help

The only thing left is contacting Google to restore your account if all else fails.

Let’s examine how:


Some precautionary measures to be not caught unawares the next time you face such problems

Google offers you to purchase backup codes when you enable 2FA or 2SV. You only have access to each of the roughly ten codes once. Creating backup codes:

Does texting use data? Want to know more, then read on. 

Use a Security Key

A USB flash drive called a “security key” is made for two-step authentication. The credentials or keys connected to your Google account are stored on these tangible flash devices. Such a flash drive can be purchased from Amazon and kept in your wallet or at work. The key must be connected to your account to be used.

To make the security key active:

Use Authy

Several devices can be used to log in with the authenticator app Authy. This fixes the issue because it allows many devices to sign in and validate. You have a backup plan in case you misplace a gadget. Using logos rather than service names, Authy makes it simpler to find the code you need if you use Authenticator for many services. Authy uses your phone number to sign in, unlike other authentication programs like Google, Microsoft, or Lastpass.

Use Recovery Email

To ensure that Google can get in touch with you in situations like these, you must add an email ID distinct from your Google account as a recovery email address. If you choose the Get Help option listed above after you’ve done this, the procedure will be more straightforward. A recovery email can be added by:

  • Accessing Google Account Settings.
  • Next, select the Recovery Email option under Personal Data.
  • You can add a recovery email address here.
  • In an emergency, especially when you are experiencing trouble receiving verification codes on your phones, you can use this email ID.

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Unable to Receive Google Verification Text

Message to Setup New Phone


  • Switching phones with the same phone number and Google account.
  • Original phone not receiving texts.
  • Unable to get Google’s 2-factor authentication verification text message.


  • Phone setup and activation
  • Google Account
  • All Republic Wireless phones


  1. If two-step verification cannot be turned off, set up the phone as a new device.
  2. Sign in with the temporary Google Account or use another to get the authorization code. 3. Activate the phone usually.
  3. Register the desired Google Account on the device. The authorization code for this account should now be sent to you.

Added Information

Since the old phone is not functional, Google cannot give the text authorization code when it tries to do so. You can receive the SMS message and continue adding the account by activating your new phone with your old phone number.

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