Cool and Stylish Discord Role Names in 2023 [Updated]

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Thus, Discord is the primary voice and text chat tool among online gamers nowadays. It is simple to use, extremely adaptable, and provides a wide range of essential conversation functions. Also included is the ability to set and manage user roles on your chat server. Also, many Discord Role Names will be discussed in this post.

Discord Role Names

A role in the Discord rems is therefore a collection of determined permissions for a given name. Say there is a default role named “@everyone” that grants a variety of fundamental rights, such as speaking on the server and reading messages.

An administrator may create a “moderator” position with the power to silence and even block users. Multiple roles can be assigned to a user, therefore a user with both the @everyone and moderator roles would have the rights of @everyone in addition to those of a moderator.

Setting up Roles in Discord

Setting up your roles properly is thus a key to managing your users on a Discord server. It’s a good idea to set up the basic roles before you even start inviting people to the server. You can always go back and add new roles or reconfigure existing roles once you are in business.

  • Start with logging into Discord and access your server thus.
  • Thereafter, click on it’s dropdown and go to server settings.
  • In the left pane, click on “Roles”. You should thus see a single role named @everyone.
  • Thereafter, click the “+” icon at the top of the middle pane to add a role.

  • Also, give the role a meaningful name and assign it a color to identify and inform users about their roles.
  • Thereafter, review all 32 permissions and enable only those you want to associate with this role.
  • Select “Save Changes” at the bottom.
  • If you forget to save your changes, a dialog box will appear reminding you to do so before you can continue.
  • Also, repeat this process for each new role you want to create.
  • Also, by assigning different permission levels to different roles, you can create a hierarchy by trust.
  • You can thereafter, assign lower roles to newcomers and higher roles with more permissions to those you know well.

Some Great Discord Role Names


Some quirky names



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