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Content Marketing: Examples, Benefits, and Courses

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content marketing

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing content to attract and retain customers. Means, you are creating blog post, or video content, promoting it, and your content’s job is to lead people towards a profitable action. It does not explicitly promote a brand but aims to generate interest in the products or services.


Content marketing which is often referred to as “inbound marketing” method for any digital marketing strategy, works through the creation of pots, and any other piece of content which then helps to get you in front of your target audience quicker, and also results in improving your conversion rates over time. However, your progress mainly depends on the type of content and the channel that you are utilizing, in your strategy for content marketing. If you divide them into categories, they mainly comprise of the following:

  • Website Content Blogs and Blog Posts
  • Email Marketing Media and PR
  • Videos Podcasts
  • Infographics and other Visual Content, eBooks
  • Social Media marketing Webinars
  • Boost your content marketing results with a backlinking campaign.


content marketing
Some of the best content marketing examples are as follows:

Hub Spot
  • Business marketing and sales software.
  • Their posts are crafted especially for educating their audience
  • They provide eBooks, guides, online certification courses and a lot more.  

  • Affiliate Marketing Programs

They don’t try to sell something, which makes them more credible and user ends up buying subscription.

Neil Patel
  • He publishes as many as eight long and detailed blog every week.
  • Posts are optimized
  • Filled with infographics, links to his YouTube videos, FAQs and a lot more 
  • Set up clear goals.
  • Decided the target audience and marketing channels.
  • Created content that is worth remembering.
Birch Box
  • Regularly updated online blog featuring beauty and grooming articles.
  • Niche specifies articles in the magazine.
  • Targeting only one specific segment i.e., Women, rather than catering to all.
  • Starts with a catchy introduction.
  • Make content that is close to the viewers.
  • Try to provide solutions to the problems faced by their viewers through the videos
  • CTA at the end.
  • One-stop solution to all graphic designing needs.
  • Platform for budding designers to learn new things.
  • Availability of thousands of ready-made templates.


content marketing

As we know, content marketing is a strategic inbound marketing approach that’s focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant and educational content digitally to attract, retain and qualify potential new leads.

Here are 7 main benefits of implementing content marketing into your business strategy.

  • Improved search engine optimization helps customers to find you on their own through search engines such as Google.
  • Generate leads and drive conversions. A survey found that conversion rates are six times higher for brands that use content marketing than those that don’t.
  • Establish thought leadership and expertise. Show your customers you’re the most knowledgeable and helpful in your field.
  • Increase brand awareness while building trust and transparency. Flood the digital space with relevant content so that people remember who you are when they’re ready to convert.
  • Develop connections with your target audience. Help address their questions or concerns regarding your services.
  • Build your social media presence using your content marketing materials. This one speaks for itself.
  • Assist the sales team. They can use all that great educational content to answer frequently asked questions, ultimately saving them time.


content marketing courses

Whatever you want to do in life, you have to first learn about it, the basics, the rules and the methodologies. Similarly, if you want to become a professional in content marketing, you must follow some courses in which they teach you everything about content marketing. Below we are going to discuss some best online content marketing courses, which can help you a lot.

Content Marketing Full Course by Reliable Soft: the first course in the list of best courses is by Reliable Soft digital marketing Agency. This course teaches you basic and advanced content marketing methods such as
  • Introduction
  • The technique of designing a winning content marketing strategy
  • To search for idea for running your marketing campaign
  • Use of appropriate content marketing tools
Content Marketing Masterclass by Udemy: one the worth considering paid course is the masterclass course by Udemy. It is a very popular course and has very positive reviews and ratings. It offers the topics lie
  • Fundamentals of Classic marketing
  • Essentials
  • Web designing
  • Copywriting
  • SEO content
  • Email marketing
  • External channels for marketing etc.
The Strategy of Content Marketing by Coursera: Coursera is considered to have the authority in website blogging. The course offered by Coursera is good for the beginners, but it is said to be best for those who already know much about content marketing and need to master in this field. It is longest course in this field. The course provides the knowledge about
  • The Strategic Context
  • Mapping the journey i.e., helps you to craft your own content marketing strategy
  • Teaches you the strategic types of content
  • Manages your content
Content Marketing Certification Course by HubSpot: if you are just a beginner in this field, then his course is a very good option for you. HubSpot is one of the leading content marketing companies. They manage a great blog about content marketing and also offer free courses for those who are just stepping into this field. The course teaches the following topics
  • Firstly, it will teach you the power of storytelling
  • Covers the techniques of building a content creation framework
  • Teaches you how to plan a long-term content strategy
  • Helps you to create a quality blog that audience loves.
  • HubSpot uses their blogs to rank #1 on Google
  • Also teaches you to create successful video marketing strategy
Promote a Business with Content by Google: it is a free course offered by Google via Google Digital Garage. It is an online platform that offers various free courses that cover al aspects of content marketing. The course has 4 modules. Let’s see what this course offers us
  • it tells you how to get noticed on social media
  • it gives deep dive into the social media marketing
  • teaches you to make the most of your video content
  • helps you to get started with content marketing


Apart from the courses mentioned above, there are numerous other courses available which provide you with the fundamentals and essentials of content marketing. Some of them are paid and some are free of cost. You can always search for the courses and choose the one that suits you, learn content marketing and become a Pro in this field.

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