Change origin name: Everything you need to know

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Origin is the platform that EA utilises to distribute its games. EA is a big video game publisher. Whether you play EA games on PC or console, you may be forced to register a separate EA account with a unique name. And thankfully, EA allows you to change your username as much as you choose. Not fond of the new name you selected last week? You may always change it again, provided that the new name is not already in use. However, Origin states that you must wait 72 hours before altering your account name again after the initial change.

It is a difficult effort to select an appropriate username, and the one you choose may become embarrassing with time. You may begin to feel that your username no longer represents you. EA makes it simple to modify your Origin account or EA ID name. By completing a few simple procedures, you will be able to alter your username to something more suitable. We will learn how to change the origin name in this blog.

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What is an Origin Account?

A Origin/ EA account is a login for Origin, the Origin Store, and EA games. You may use it to download games, content booster packs, fixes for various titles, and expansion packs via the EA Desktop App and shop. Origin accounts were formerly distinct from EA accounts, however they have since merged and may now be used interchangeably.

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Change origin name

Changing the Origin name is straightforward and just requires a few basic actions. The gaming platform Origin assigns each Gamer a unique ID that may be modified at any moment; we will explain how to do so. However, you can only change your name once per 72 hours, so if you’re dissatisfied with it, you’ll have to wait a few days. The steps are as follows:

Therefore, we can conclude that you may change your origin name in a few simple steps. However, there is a 72-hour cooldown between each repetition. You may return to these steps whenever you wish to modify the Origin name.

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