Blogging Essentials for Beginners

Blogging Tips for Beginners

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Blogging Essentials for Beginners

A blog is an online journal or informational website that displays information in reverse chronological order with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where an author or group of writers share their views on an individual topic to break it down.

A blog is the logging of one’s thoughts, ideas, experiences and more all in one place on the web. Blogs are easy to use and with a few clicks you can share your thoughts, opinions, news, anything.  Your blog is a staple of who you are the ultimate expression of you on the web.

Blog writing is called blogging and a person who writes a blog is called as a blogger. To write a blog you need some essential tips that help you in creating a powerful blog. Let’s discuss them.


Blogging Essentials for Beginners

Your blog’s theme is what controls how your blog looks. You can choose a theme and personalize it with your own colors and or background images to find the look that fits you. it’s easy to change themes as well and makes it easy for visitors to find what they’re looking for. Most blog themes are made up of four main sections the header, the sidebar, the footer and the body.

The header is comprised of your blog’s title or logo. If you have one and your main navigation menu the menu is the way that your guests should be easily able to navigate the content of your site. Menus are a natural part of our web experience and should link readers to the various content and pages found on your blog.

Sidebars, blogs usually have them. This area generally includes widgets and things you want to highlight such as your favorite links, the popular content on your blog, recent activity, subscription options and social media tools just to name a few.

The footer rests at the bottom of your blog. This is typically used to display content that doesn’t often change but that you would like your readers to have easy access to including links to read more about you or a link to a contact page.

Lastly the most important area of your blog is the body. The main content area. Usually this is the primary reason people have come to your blog. It’s where your thoughts and ideas come to life as you share them within the post or page. the content lies within post. This is the area where you publish your thoughts in a standard blog format. Posts get shown on the main page of your blog usually in an order that places the most recent and relevant information at the very top of the list. these are things like your daily updates or news about your niche topic.


-First tip: Start off with a title. Don’t just start writing a blog post, unless you have the exact title. Doesn’t matter how amazing of a blog post you write, if you don’t write a good headline, no one’s going to read the rest of your post.

-The second step that you need to follow when it comes to writing a blog post is the introduction. In your introduction, you need to hook people with a bold statement.

And with your introduction, it’s not just talking, hooking people in. It’s also about talking about what’s going to be covered in the post

-Now that we got the introduction done, let’s get into your body. Your body should include subheadings. Keep in mind, you want your content easy to skim.

If people can’t skim it, you’re not going to do well. In your body, use subheadings, keep your paragraphs around five to six lines max.

In addition to that, when you’re writing your content in your body, provide links of other sites. This means that you are opening up your sources, which adds credibility to your blog.

-Visuals- add eye-catching images to your blog post which immediately attracts people’s attention.

-Last but not least, you want to wrap up your post with a conclusion.

The conclusion summarizes what your post was about, and you end your conclusion with a question. By ending with the question, more people are more likely to leave a comment. When they leave a comment, it creates engagement. By getting engagement, you’re much more likely to generate sales. If people read your blog but they don’t engage with you, they’re not likely than to become a lead, or buy your products, or your services. So, it’s really important you end with a question.

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Blogging Essentials for Beginners

There are some blogging tools available in the market that help you to create a good influential blog. Let’s talk about some of the essential blogging tools

  • Sumo: Sumo is one of the best blogging tools in the market. It allows the user to add email capture form, social sharing buttons to your blog. Also, the paid version provides advances analytical features to your blog.
  • Sendinblue: it is a recommended tool for ecommerce purposes because it comes with Facebook ad creation and landing page creation features. It allows you to design a personalized email template. It can also be used for SMS marketing and live chats.
  • Canva: one of the most important factors in writing a successful blog is the attractive images or graphics that you add to your blog. Canva is considered to be the best blogging tool as it provides numerous high-quality templates. You can use these templates and images in either your social media post or in your blog.
  • Grammarly: one essential tool for blogging is Grammarly which assists you in writing your blog plagiarism free without grammar mistakes.
  • Yoast SEO: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one important factor in blogging, Yoast SEO is a best tool for SEO which assures that your blog has fulfilled all the SEO requirements.


Blogs make it easy to share images video and other types of media files, giving you complete freedom of creative expression and now with the popularity of mobile phones your blog can be viewed anytime from anywhere in the palm of your hand. Blogs are for everyone and people of all ages share on blogs every day for school work and play but no matter what you want to do blogging is a great way to connect with other people and get your ideas out there so what are you waiting for get in on the fun and start blogging today

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