Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro 2021

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Best Mouse for IPad: Almost all Bluetooth mice, Apple Magic trackpads, and even wired mice are supported by iPadOS (with either Lightning or USB-C connections). Most existing mice can probably connect to your iPad with the proper settings, but Bluetooth is the most convenient. We’ll show you how to connect a mouse to your iPad in this video.

Look for a simple two-button model with a click wheel if you’re looking for a mouse to use exclusively with your iPad, as iPadOS doesn’t support anything more complex. While a trackpad supports multi-touch gestures and allows you to switch between apps and iPadOS controls quickly, mice are superior in accuracy and responsiveness. For your iPad running iPadOS 13 or later, we recommend the following mouse companions.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

Look no further than Apple’s Magic Mouse 2 for a mouse that is guaranteed to work with your iPad. You can forget about using traditional batteries with this simple, light mouse because it is rechargeable. Its optimized foot design on the continuous bottom shell allows for easy tracking and low tabletop resistance. Swiping between web pages and scrolling through documents are supported by the multi-touch surface.

Arc Mouse by Microsoft iPad

The compact, lightweight Arc Mouse, which weighs less than 3 ounces and has a battery life of up to six months with AAA batteries, is a great all-around experience. For portable storage, the mouse folds out into a gentle curve and snaps flat. Its innovative full-scroll plane allows you to scroll vertically with a wireless range of 32.8 feet in an open area and 16 feet indoors. Tracking speeds of up to 30 inches per second are possible. Bluetooth 4.0 is supported. Choose from four different colors to match your device and your style.

Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro 2021

iPad:MX Anywhere 3 Compact Performance Mouse by Logitech

Logitech’s MX Anywhere 3, which scrolls 1,000 lines at once and can switch between ratchet and hyper-fast modes, makes a significant contribution to the fast, precise iPad operation. With soft silicone side grips, the low-profile design is contoured for a comfortable hand fit. It can track on any surface, even glass. This is quick charging compatible and has a battery life of 70 days on a full charge and three hours on a one-minute quick charge. It can connect to three devices at once and switch between them with a single tap. It’s available in three colors: Pale Gray, Graphite, and Rose.

MX Master 3 Advanced Wireless Mouse by Logitech

For your iPad, Logitech has released yet another gem of a mouse. With an advantageously placed thumb wheel and controls, the Master 3 fits naturally in your paw and provides intuitive and precise controls. With its Darkfield 4000 DPI sensor, it works on any surface, including glass. The Master 3’s rechargeable battery lasts up to 70 days on a full charge and can be charged in just one minute for three hours of use.

Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad Pro 2021

Razer Atheris Wireless Ambidextrous Mouse

Razer offers a compact and mobile mouse with a precise 7200 DPI optical sensor for on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment. With its 350-hour battery life and swappable AA batteries, it can be used wirelessly on your iPad. The mouse switches frequencies using adaptive frequency technology, resulting in lag-free data transmission and stable connections. A ridged, rubberized scroll wheel ensures comfort and accuracy. Small, tactile bumps improve grip and enable more precise scrolling.

iPad:Satechi M1 Wireless Mouse

Satechi makes some of the most attractive Mac and iPad accessories we’ve seen, with sleek and futuristic industrial designs that heavily rely on aluminum, second only to Apple. Satechi’s Aluminum M1 mouse is no exception, with a rounded pod-like design that complements Apple’s classic iPad finishes and is available in three different aluminum shades. While the aluminum construction makes it one of the heavier mice we’ve tested, it also makes it one of the most solid, so if you prefer a mouse with a bit of heft, you’ll love it.

Maybe best, it’s surprisingly inexpensive, but don’t let the low price fool you: it’s lightning-fast at scrolling and tracking, and it pairs with an iPad or Mac via Bluetooth LE without a hitch.

The only drawback is that it may be uncomfortable to use for users with larger hands. While its small size makes it very portable, the aluminum construction means that any increase in size would result in a significant increase in weight, and we’re sure Satechi didn’t want to go too far in that direction. However, because it is ambidextrous, it can be used by both right and left-handed people.

Best Bluetooth Mouse for iPad

Logitech MX Ergo Plus

Any pointing device will work with iPadOS, but if you frequently use your iPad on a stationary work surface, you might prefer a trackball like Logitech’s MX Ergo. It’s a pretty slick solution, especially if you’re more of a 12.9-inch iPad Pro user who wants a more wrist-friendly pointing device.

It’s also useful if you’re using your iPad in conjunction with a desktop computer because Logitech’s “Easy Switch” feature allows you to pair it with two devices that can connect via Bluetooth LE or Logitech’s USB Unifying Receiver. You can quickly switch from one to the other by pressing a button on the top, so you can be moving your pointer around Illustrator on your desktop one second and then touch up a photo on your iPad the next.


Apple has added mouse support for iPad users, starting with iPadOS 13. As a result, you can use your iPad in a similar way to a Mac. So, if you’re looking for the best Bluetooth mouse for your iPad Pro, the options listed above are excellent.

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