Assurance Wireless APN: Everything you need to Know

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Desire to learn about Assurance Wireless APN Settings? Then, you have every reason to delight, as we are going to discuss the same topic in this article. Therefore, stay connected and continue reading to learn more in depth.

Assurance Wireless APN

This service is supplied by Virgin Mobile’s the United States. Lifeline Assistance is a government program financed by the Universal Service Fund. It utilizes the Virgin Mobile network; hence the Virgin Mobile APN settings are compatible with Assurance Wireless. Adding Virgin’s APN settings to your device is, therefore, one of the methods to configure your smartphone with Assurance Wireless.

Additionally, if you are a Sprint customer, you may utilize Assurance Wireless. However, once more, using Sprint’s APN Settings. Sprint is an American telecommunications corporation that provides wireless services to its consumers. Therefore, in order to access its internet or MMS services, you must configure your phone with its APN settings.

You already know that there’s not much you need to do to enjoy the services provided by Virgin Mobile or Sprint on your Assurance Wireless. Therefore, you need just configure their relevant APN settings on your devices. Therefore, continue reading to the finish to acquire in-depth knowledge and get it operational. So, without further ado, let us begin.

Virgin APN Settings — Assurance Wireless APN:

You can configure your Assurance Wireless devices with the Virgin APN Settings if you use the Virgin Mobile services thus. On that note, it is noteworthy that Virgin is an MVNO also hosted by Sprint. Virgin offers BYOD (bring your own device) services. Also, most of the unlocked Virgin-supported devices could be used in the Virgin network. Thus, now let us look at the Virgin APN Settings; that we need to set up on our Assurance Wireless devices:

Virgin Internet and MMS APN settings

APN Sprint
MMSC Enter “”
MMS proxy Enter “”
MMS proxy port Enter the port number as “81”
APN type Enter “default, supl, mms”


Sprint APN Settings — Assurance Wireless APN:

Assurance Wireless users shall thus follow the steps given below; to set up their devices and receive proper internet connectivity and signals:

Name Settings
Name Sprint
APN cinet.spcs
Proxy Keep blank
Username Keep blank
Password Keep blank
Server Keep blank
MMSC Keep blank
MMS proxy
MMS port Keep blank
MCC 234
MNC 15
Authentication Type not set
APN Type default
APN protocol IPv4


Sprint APN Settings for Android:

Android phone users who use the Sprint network, usually receive a message about APN settings; when they insert a new sim card. However, if you want to use data internet and need to install APN settings; you can read this section and follow the steps given:

Spring APN Settings for iPhone:

If you use both an iPhone and a Sprint mobile phone and thus want to install APN settings on your iPhone to use the MMS and Internet services; then there is another method for iPhone to install APN settings. These settings are easy to install. Just read on :

Sprint APN Settings for Samsung devices:

When using the Sprint network on your Samsung Galaxy series devices, you will have to setup the Sprint APN settings. How do you do it? Follow the steps below to get it done:

How to reset your Internet APN Settings?

Read More:

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Assurance Wireless APN?

I’ve been unable to find the APN anywhere at all. pls help !!!


Have you tried contacting them directly? Most carriers have no problem helping you config their APN settings.

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