5 reasons that make email marketing Important in 2021

5 Reasons for Importance of Email Marketing in 2021

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In this blogpost, we will discuss the importance of email marketing in 2021. As we discussed in the previous blogposts that email marketing is intended to promote businesses, products, or services by sending the promotional emails to groups or individuals. The emails are meant to create awareness among the potential customers about the products or services that a certain organization or business is offering. Through the continuous marketing efforts via email, the businesses remain mostly successful in persuading the potential clients to buy their products or services and hence turning the prospects into customers.

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Why is Email Marketing Important?

There is an important question that many people might ask that how important it is for the businesses to adopt and learn the email marketing. There can be several answers to this and some of them might be subjective but I think the answer supplemented with statistical numbers are more convincing.

To understand the importance of email marketing, we first need to know about the total volumes of the emails exchanged. According to, on average only in year 2020 around 306.4 billion emails were exchanged daily while this number is expected to increase up to 360 billion emails per day by the year 2024. The above numbers demonstrate that the email is a powerful communication tool that besides other sectors has also influenced the marketing strategies of the organizations.

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It won’t be wrong if we say that email marketing has transformed the conventional marketing strategies into more convenient and faster paradigm with high returns on investment and better customer conversions. Off course, all forms of digital marketing are witnessing this uplift but, in this blogpost, I will remain focused on the email marketing. Below I discuss why you should adopt email marketing if you haven’t already in year 2021.

Reasons for Importance of Email Marketing in 2021

Easy to Connect

Email marketing helps marketers keep connected easily with their audience, be it their current clients or prospect customers. The marketers do not have to pay physical visits to the current or potential clients. Rather, an email message serves the purpose without the physical interaction. Moreover, the smartphone technology has also revolutionized the phenomenon. According to a study, around 54% of the emails were accessed through the mobile phones. Consequently, this marketing strategy can result in better expansion and growth of the businesses.

High Audience Engagement

Effectively planned and executed email marketing campaigns are successful in engaging the audience and hence, conveying the intent. As mentioned above that there is a huge number of emails exchanged on daily basis; therefore, there is a high likelihood to engage with people effectively based on their interests or needs during the email marketing campaigns.

Convenient Monitoring of the Campaigns

Email marketing allows the marketers to monitor the effectives of their campaigns. There are several tools that help track the performance of a certain email marketing activities. Based on the feedback, the marketers can update or modify the strategies to achieve the better outcomes. While in the conventional marketing such kind of monitoring to get the feedback is difficult.

Cost Effective

Email marketing is cost effective as compared to other marketing alternatives because it does not require sufficient spending on acquiring the infrastructure facilities. In some cases, there are certain costs associated when it is required to purchase the tools to send emails in bulk through some professional tools but still these costs are negligible as compared to the costs mentioned above. Other than that there are no apparent costs and, hence, this is a less expensive or almost free alternative where for each dollar invested, up to 40 dollars can be earned as well.

Time efficient

In contrast to the typical marketing, email marketing is efficient in terms of time because with just few click, email to hundreds and thousands of people can be sent. On the other hand, contacting physically with that much audience in limited time with insufficient resources is not humanly possible.

In conclusion, with the pace of technology we can anticipate that in near future, more and more devices will connect to the Internet and also the number of businesses interested in benefitting from the less expensive marketing tool like email marketing will also increase. Therefore, this class of marketing has a bright future in year 2021 and in the years to come as well.

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